Hunan Focucy Experimental Instrument co., LTD., engaged in various types of high-end laboratory instruments and equipment research and development, production, and sales, products involving laboratory sample preparation, environmental testing equipment, and other fields of application, kass company owns


Have a first-class, professional, standardized research and development, sales, production and after-sales team

Adhering to the "science and technology creation, quality first, service first" philosophy

To FOCUCY into a domestic and even international famous brand high-end scientific instruments


Focucy company all products are in accordance with the ISO9001 international standard production strictly, quality cengcengbaguan, has obtained CE, UL, FCC, and many other quality certification, and has a number of brand patent and patent technology, brand products are now online and offline huge dealer sales channels through the network products are sold to mainland China and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, Western Europe, North America, South America, Africa, southeast Asia and the Middle East and other parts of the world.


After a similar products on the market investigation and study, kass company research and development personnel on product technology innovation and improvement, each a product to market by represents the most first-class, kass design level and the highest quality standards, also represents, cass people's most responsible attitude to customers, because we know that only with the best quality, the most perfect service, good faith business to win the broad masses of customers highly recognized, FOCUCY, cass may become the masses of users and customers trusted partners;

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