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Hunan Focucy Experimental Instrument Co., Limited
  • Address:Lotus middle period of 198, Kaifu distric, Changsha city, Hunan provinces,China

    Zip Code:410000


  • Fax:+86 0730 8328566

    Telephone:+86 0730 8328566

    E-mail:+86 0730 8328566

National Unified Service Telephone:in@focucy.com
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  • If you are interested in our products, you can contact our sales representatives for a more comprehensive understanding.
    South Regional Sales Representative:刘胜 先生
    Mobile Phone:15197089196
    South Regional Sales Representative:刘胜 先生
    Mobile Phone:15197089196
  • Fault Reporting / Use Guidance:
    If there is any doubt in the process of using our products, please call the ex service phone to ask for help.
    If the product fails, please fill in『Failure Report』(Click Downloads) Submit customer service so that we can solve your problems faster and more effectively.

    After Sale Telephone:400-8060-579(2)

    Technician Phone:18975031258(李工)

    Technician Phone:13975059423(胡工)

  • Free Test Of The Sample
    We will provide you with free sample testing and professional test data, so that you can have a better understanding of our products.
    If you have a sample to test, please fill in a cop『Sample Test Application』(Click Downloads) It is convenient for us to understand the sample attributes and your test requirements, and send samples to us.We will complete the test as soon as possible and send it back to the sample.

    Application Form Feedback Customer Service QQ:1772034286

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